International Medical Physics Certification Board

ICMP 2013 in Brighton, England

IMPCB called a meeting in Brighton, UK during the International Conference on Medical Physics 2013 to discuss the nomination and election of officers. It was held on Wednesday morning, September 4, at 8 – 9 am in Room 15 of the Brighton Conference Center. In addition, on Tuesday morning September 3rd, a talk on “Certification – Difficulties and Solutions” was presented by Raymond Wu in Track 5 – Professional Issues of Medical Physics.

To help with the nomination and election process, the By-Laws Committee created a brief presentation and a diagram to summarize the relevant sections of the By-Laws, and to illustrate the process in the next three years when the staggered terms of all office holders will become fully consistent with the specifications in the By-Laws.

Click here to see the By-Laws Summary Presentation prepared by Dr Siyong Kim, or the By-Laws pages.

Click here to see the Staggered Term Diagram.

The meeting minutes of the meeting in Brighton may be viewed here.