A Model for the Medical Physics Certification Process

Adopted January 11, 2012

Following is an example of a model certification program that the IMPCB is considering using for its own examinations and which other certification Boards might like to use. This is by no means the only model that will be acceptable when evaluating certification Boards for accreditation. The IMPCB recognizes that there are national/regional variations to certification in medical physics based on differences in national/regional legislation and educational traditions, so it gives to national and regional certification bodies considerable freedom to decide on the manner in which a given organization seeking IMPCB accreditation conducts the certification process.

Examination Format

The certification examination consists of three parts:
Candidates will pass both Part I and Part II before taking Part III.


The following minimum requirements should be required of candidates who wish to take the three-part Board examinations.

Part I Written Examination (General Medical Physics)

  • Education – graduation from an accredited college or university with an advanced degree (Masters or Doctorate) in physics, medical physics or an equivalent degree in an appropriate physical or engineering science discipline.
  • Professional Training – none required

Part II Written Examination (Medical Physics Specialty)

  • Education – requirements as specified above for Part I
  • Professional Training – 2 (two) years full-time equivalent training preceding the date of application for examination. The training should be carried out under the supervision of a Certified Medical Physicist (CMP) specializing in the same sub-field or under the supervision of a qualified individual with a level of professional experience and expertise equivalent to that of a CMP.

Part III Oral Examination (Medical Physics Specialty)

Prerequisites – successfully passed Parts I and II


  • A candidate who fails to pass any Part of the three-part examination may petition to be re-examined in that Part within 1 (one) year from the previous attempt.
  • If any Part of the examination has been taken unsuccessfully three times, the candidate should be required to reapply for the entire sequence of examinations.

Continuing Education

To maintain an IMPCB certificate, a certified medical physicist must satisfy the continuing education requirements periodically as specified in the document accompanying the original certification.

Specific Requirements

The BOD has recently approved the updated IMPCB Medical Physics Certification Process – Requirements. Please click to download the file “Requirements V10b.pdf“.